What is my Favorite Hobby?

Lesson 2 English

My favorite hobby is drawing. Drawing is fun for me because I can draw whatever I want. Even if it doesn’t look like the original thing you were trying to draw, you can always try again, knowing it will be better the next time. I love expressing my feelings when I draw, and I’m a whole new person when I do. I love making new characters and customizing them.

There are certain types of drawing supplies you can get, but all you really need is an imagination, a pencil, and maybe some markers. You don’t even need to have markers! All you need is a pencil!

The thing I love most about drawing is how I get to draw whatever I want. I can draw so many characters. I can draw a half dragon, half fox creature, or a half bird, half elephant if I want. Even if its the weirdest creature anyone’s ever seen, I can draw it.

You don”t have to be good to make something you like. All you have to do is practice and you will get better! I have been drawing since 5th grade. That’s 3 years! Even still, in 8th grade, I can’t draw as good as I want. But I have had a lot of practice.

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