Lesson 36-8th Grade Science

The ICS stands for Incident Command System. It is a part of SAR, which is Search and Rescue. It is a simple way of showing how SAR is organized and run.

ICS is important to SAR because it organizes the teams and the entire SAR organization. It allows the teams to work safely and orderly. It also helps manage the aftermath of a critical event. It ensures the safety of everyone present.

The ICS is built around 5 management activities:

COMMAND- Sets priorities and objectives and is responsible for overall command of the incident.

OPERATIONS- Has responsibility for all tactical operations necessary to carry out the plan.

PLANNING- Responsible for the collection, evaluation, and dissemination of information concerning incident development as well as the status of all available resources.

LOGISTICS- Responsible for providing the necessary support (facilities, services, and materials) to meet incident needs.

FINANCE- Responsible for monitoring and documenting all costs. Provides the necessary financial support related to the incident.

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