School Paper

Prompt: Many people argue that it is impossible to create a perfect society because humanity itself is imperfect and any attempt to create such a society leads to the loss of individual freedom and identity. Therefore, they say, it is foolish to even dream about a perfect society. Others, however, disagree and believe not only that such a society is possible but also that humanity should strive to create it.

Topic: Is a perfect society possible or even desirable?

This topic I am writing about today is actually similar to a book I am reading. The book is called Fahrenheit 451. In the book, people live in a world without books, seeming to be in the “perfect” world.

In my opinion, a perfect world is not what I want. Sometimes perfect can be bad because there is no mistakes. Mistakes make people…people. We wouldn’t be human if we were perfect. Humans are made to mess up, because that’s what helps us learn. I think a perfect world would make us more like robots. Mindless, not thinking for ourselves. We would have a code that programmed us to do the same thing over and over again.

You don’t have to be perfect to have a good community. We can be good, even though sometimes we make mistakes. Mistakes are what leads to better people, and not just robots. Another example is the book called Animal Farm. In the beginning, the animals strive to create a perfect paradise where all animals can be equal. This plan goes downhill when the pigs soon realize that they are smarter than the others and make the farm into a place where all the animals slave away and work. The pigs lie to the other animals, and in the end, the pigs are no better than man. This isn’t as good of an example, but it still shows the same idea. People who strive to be perfect sometimes make it worse than it has to be.

In conclusion, having a “perfect” world isn’t realistic and wouldn’t be a good thing even if it was something that I would be able to do, I wouldn’t do it.

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