The Apartment


Faye – A teenage girl, 19 years old. Black hair with white dyed ends. Green eyes.

Isaac – Blonde hair, 20 years old. Grey eyes.

Noah – 19 years old, brown hair. Blue eyes.

Heather – Long Brown hair with gold highlights. 18 years old. brown eyes.

Setting: A small cafe, it’s raining outside. New York City.

Fae walked into the cafe. Taking off her jacket, she takes a seat next to Heather.

Faye: Why aren’t they here yet?

Heather: How am I supposed to know? They’re always late.

Faye groans and pulls out her phone. She texts Isaac: “When r u gonna be here?” No reply.

Heather: Any reply?

Faye: Nope, but I bet he’s grabbing his phone right now…

Heather: Well, he’d better hurry up with Noah, we’re supposed to be at the apartment in 10.

Isaac and Noah burst in through the cafe door, and tripped, landing face first on the floor.

“Sorry we’re late, my mom was getting all worried about how I looked.” Issac smiled and pushed his hair out of his eyes.

Fae tried to look mad, but the two boys looked to goofy to be mad for long. “Its fine, you two. Lets just go, so we can make it there in time.”

(To be continued)

Published by Kasper

kasper/elias he/him trans rights <3

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