Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea

Lesson 15-8th grade English

This essay is about my 3 favorite parts in the book “Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea.” This book was written by the author Jules Verne. I hope you enjoy!

My first favorite part is when the professor gets thrown off the ship along with his companions, Ned Land and his manservant, Conseil. Ned Land saves both of them, then they get rescued by the mysterious Nautilus. Here they meet Captain Nemo, and try to tell him their story in 3 different languages.

My 2nd favorite is when they go on a night walk. They find the Lost City of Atlantis. They are in their diving suits, so they cannot speak to each other. Then, hey find a huge pearl that captain Nemo has been letting grow so it was super big. They let it stay there to grow bigger.

The last part is when they escape. Captain Nemo sunk a ship and Professor Aronnax, Ned Land, and Conseil are frightened and want to get off the ship as soon as possible. Professor Aronnax is going through Captain Nemo’s lounge and he sees captain Nemo. The captain seems overthrown with grief and the professor is barely able to escape. The friends manage to get in the skiff, and are swept into a whirlpool. They wake up on an island in a hut. The professor never found out what happened to captain Nemo, but does not regret his time with him.

A Letter to the Parliament

Lesson 20-8th grade history

I am writing to you to tell you that the taxes that you’ve put on everything is simply ridiculous! All the colonies believe that you should take them away. The taxes on tea, especially, we’re tired of it.

The mercantilism. It takes away our rights to trade with other countries. You’ve taken away America’s trade rights, and we won’t contain our anger anymore.We have refused to buy tea or drink it. Unless you take back the taxes, we will not plan to go back to our old ways.

The Sugar and Molasses act have not been taken well by the colonists, as you might know, the taxes are very high and they have smugglers in the colonies.

The Currency Acts, such as the Stamp Act and the Quartering act are pushing down on our backs, especially the Quartering act. Must we all pay at our own expenses? The soldiers have been coming through a lot lately. The colonists need the money for the taxes we must pay! Yet you make us quarter your soldiers, and pay for our own tea? We call for a repeal for the Stamp act!

Now, the Declaratory Act is issued and we have to deal with the Parliament, you, being in control! The Townshend act was issued for the good of the Parliament, not for the good of the colonists. The Sons of Liberty are forming, and this is your own fault. I didn’t want it to come to this, but it has.

The Boston Massacre has occurred, and the colonists are angry. With thee Tea Act still in place, we have altogether stopped buying or drinking tea.

I hope this letter helps you realize your mistakes.

Best regards,

The Continental Congress

Fursona Badge

Hey, I drew this and just wanted to show all of you.

Here he is:

The reason why he’s a boy is because this was not a custom suit I purchased him from my neighbor.

If you want me to draw a charcter of yours for fun, then you can email me under contact and I will get to that. You will be free to post it anywhere as long as you give me the credit for drawing it.


My 3 Favorite Foods

Lesson 12-8th Grade English

(I somehow forgot to write this for my school so here it is)

My 3 favorite foods are Ramen soup, pizza, and hot dogs. These foods are pretty classic, and they are amazing if you’ve tried them.

If you don’t know what ramen is, it’s a fast, easy way to make lunch or dinner. I don’t think that it’s really a breakfast food. Anyways, you can make it in about 3 minutes flat and it comes in a lot of flavors. The ones I know about are chicken, beef, shrimp, and pork. The only ones I have tried are beef and chicken.

Pizza is a favorite among many, I’m sure. I like just plain cheese, but to specify, my favorite is Domino’s Pizza. They have this nice, thick crust that tastes so good. My second favorite is Papa Johns. They have this type of pizza with no sauce and it’s called Alfredo. That, is the best pizza. My family doesn’t eat pork, so cheese is pretty much the only option.

Hot dogs are my least favorite on the favorites, if that makes sense. I just like plain buns, ketchup, and a good beef hot dog. Like I said, my family doesn’t eat pork. Hot dogs are good, but not when you put relish or mustard on them. Of course, that’s my opinion, and a lot of people actually like those toppings on their hot dogs.

Those are my favorite foods, please give feedback or point out any errors, I appreciate it!

The 7 Years War

Lesson 15-8th Grade History

The 7 Years War lasted from 1756 to 1763. It was also known as the French and Indian War throughout America. The battle that started the 7 Years War was called The Battle of Jumonville Glen. This battle wasn’t very important, but it was the start of what Winston Churchill called “the first world war”.

In 1756, the Diplomatic Revolution redrew the political alliances on the eve of the 7 Years War. The countries involved in this war were England, Hanover, Prussia, Portugal, France, Russia, Austria, Spain, Saxony, and Sweden. France struck the first blow on a European theater.

For a long time, Prussia was the winning country. The small country of Saxony was overrun by Prussia and was never able to rebuild as good as it was. Austria and Britain were going to take over Prussia, then retreated and Prussia called this a “miracle.” After this, Prussia once again got lucky with what they called another “miracle.” This time, the Empress of Britain died, leaving her son to inherent Britain. As the new Emperor of Britain, he was not against Prussia and made a treaty called the St. Petersburg Treaty.

The Treaty of Paris was the treaty that ended the war. It was signed in 1763, marking the end of the 7 years war. The land that was originally gained or lost was returned to the original owners.

In the end, Britain was the most powerful because it had the most land and didn’t give all of the land back. France was the least successful in the end because it didn’t really gain any land. Spain was also pretty low down on the list, it was better than France though.

The 7 Years War was a long, bloody, and expensive war that didn’t accomplish much, but it will always be one of the most significant moments in the US history because it was the first world war in modern history.

3 places I like to Visit

Lesson 14-8th Grade English

Here are 3 places I go often and like to visit.

The Schanen Bike Trail. This a mile long trail that my family likes to go along. We have never actually gone the entire trail, we stop at this broken playground on the way. It’s funny, that we prefer a broken playground over a non-broken one.

I also like to go to California. The main reason I like to go there is because all of my family lives there. My favorite people to visit are my Grandpa Nick and Grandma Sallie. They let me stay in there house because they have extra rooms. My mom used to live in that house, so it feels cozy to be sleeping in her old room. The next reason is that there are mountains there, and none in Texas. We like to go hiking on one Mountain in particular. It’s a long hike, but it’s really fun.

The last place is Grant Middle Track. My mom introduced us kids to this place and we have been going there every week. We go there to exercise and improve mile time. I like going there because most of the time, it’s not that crowded and it’s a great place to go and exercise. My best mile time is 9.20.

Those are my favorite places to go.

Describe 3 People from my family

Lesson 13- 8th Grade English

My family has 7 people in it, so it was easy for me to choose people for this essay.

The first person I chose is my sister. Her name is Sophie and she is the 2nd oldest of the five kids in my family. She is funny, smart, and makes me laugh a lot. I wrote a previous essay on my sister, called “my best friend and what we do together so you can go see that if you want. She is 12 years old and in 7th grade. My sister is so smart she skipped a grade. She does a curriculum called AOP, or Alpha Omega Press. She starts on that tomorrow. She says that she wants to start a YT channel but doesn’t want to show her face. The solution to that would be to do an animation channel, but she says that her art isn’t that good. I said to practice and she will get better.

The next person is my dad. My dad is tall, smart, and funny. He is a nurse and works on the Covid-19 floor in his hospital. He wants to become a CRNA, which is an upgrade from a RN, I think. The places he could get that job are WA, CA, and TX, we actually already live here, but we would go to a different city.

The last person is my mom. She is strict, caring, and I love her. She is the best mom anyone could ask for. She loves horses, kids, and loves doing home school. We each do a different curriculum. I do RPC, Sophie does AOP, Emmett does Abeka, and my little brothers, well my mom tries to teach them the best she can from a couple home school groups.

The Food Award

I’ve been nominated by Mia, go check her out!

Here are Mia’s questions:

  1. Do u like meat? If so what kind? – yes, I like deer meat
  2. Do u like real fruit? – yes (what is fake fruit? lol)
  3. Have u ever cooked a meal? If so what was it? – yes, I cooked dessert. A lot of desserts. Mainly cake.
  4. Do u like Italian food? – never tried any.
  5. What is ur favorite type of food 2 eat? – Pizza!

Here are My questions:

  1. What topping do u like on Pizza?
  2. What is your favorite fruit?
  3. Hotdogs or Hamburgers?
  4. Favorite Soda?
  5. Hard candy or soft candy?

Here are my nominees:

  5. Anyone else who reads this post. (thanks mia for that idea!)

Thanks Mia for Nominating me!

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