Calendar Apps I used

Lesson 11-8th Grade Personal Finance

For my assignment, I had to get 2 different calendars on my computer. The calendars I used were Cozi, the “family calendar app”, and Google Calendar.

My experience with these two apps was pretty good. I like how Cozi had a lot of options, even a journal. Google is probably more used of the 2. Google was a little easier than Cozi because I just have it on my computer and needed no account to log in to it. Cozi, however, you must make an account then you can use it. Both apps are free to access, but the one I would use is Google, mainly because I am more associated with the Google browser.

(this was really short, but my assignment was to give a description of the apps then choose which one I liked more)

3 Things I can Change to Use My Time Better

Lesson 10 Personal Finance

You can use a calendar to manage time better. Calendars are a good way to organize your time and schedule.

The calendars I use are Google and Cozi. They are very simple and not confusing. It took me some time to look for a good calculator app beside google.

Another thing you can change to save time is save money. For example, if you saved up money to buy a car, then you would save time because you wouldn’t have to wait for your parents or a bus.

A watch or alarm clock is also one thing you could get. I have a digital watch that keeps an alarm on it. I also have an alarm clock. I use it to wake up in the morning. These items help because if you set an alarm, then you are less likely to be late. That way, you can save more time. For example, if I wanted to catch the bus at 7:00, then I would probably set my alarm to 6:00 or 6:30, depending on the time it takes you to get ready. Remember, don’t forget that 25% that you must add in just in case something doesn’t go according to plan!

History of China and India

Lesson 10-8th grade history

China, in the 1450’s, had many small segments of countries, some of them being the Ming empire, Tibet, and South Asia. In 1750, the Ming Empire was completely gone, and in it’s place, the Qing Empire arose. Tibet became apart of the Qing Empire, and above it, Russia conquered land.

Off the waters of China, Japan is it’s own independent nation. For India, I looked at 6 different maps to show the progression of the nation.

First, the biggest nation on the map is the Persian Empire. Next to that is the Gupta empire, then below that is the Vakataka kingdom. (hope I got the name) Over time, we can see that Tibet has emerged into its own country again and above that is the Tang empire. Tibet remains its own country for quite a while, then joined the Qing empire again in 1750. India controls almost all of the same territory for a long time. The British empire takes over and colonizes almost all of India.

The progress I have made In Science

lesson 10-8th grade Science

My YouTube channel has been going great. I have a channel name, banner, and value proposition.

My channel name is IndieFlower. I chose this name because it is my nickname. Not at home, but on the RPC forums. Well, on there I’m just Indie. This is also the name of a font on google. I have an OC named indie too. So I figured it was the best name for my channel.

My YouTube banner is very colorful. It says IndieFlower in cool font. I didn’t put my VP(value proposition) on the banner because at the time, I didn’t really have one. My icon is a fox. Now, I didn’t really follow the rules about what my teacher said. I just like foxes and found a cool picture of one.

My about page is pretty short. I say that I’m going to be doing drawing, drawing challenges, and that I would like to do animation, but don’t have the money. Now, all of these things add up to my VP and Target audience. My VP is this: “Never stop drawing.” My banner is colorful and that is kinda like art. My icon… well, I told you I didn’t really follow the rules on that.

My Favorite Sport or Game

Lesson 9-8th Grade English

I will be telling you about my favorite sport. My favorite sport is basketball. Basketball is quite easy to learn, once you get all the positions down.

The positions in BB are point guard, defense, offense, and shooting guard. The most important out of these is the point guard. I played BB in 7th grade and it was so fun that I wanted to play again in 8th grade. I was on B-team, but I was the best on B-team. I got moved up to A-team once, then to 8th grade B-team. There is a lot of running involved, so if you are planning to play, its better to get in shape before you do.

Some BB teams are the Denver Nuggets, the Spurs, and the Hornets. I don’t actually watch BB on TV, so I don’t know a lot about the teams.

In BB, you have to do many exercises. Running, bleachers, and suicides are common BB exercises. Believe me, I know from experience. I had a very strict coach that yelled a lot.

B-team usually had morning practice at 7:00. A-team had it at 6:30. It was fun, getting to the school before everyone. My dad stayed for one of my practices and he helped me get better.

Now, for my favorite game. My favorite game is either Monopoly or The Game of Life. Both of these games involve money, but the game of life is more “life” I would say. Monopoly is way more strategy. You get the most properties, and the most money, then you win! In the Game of Life, you must endure the path of life. That includes getting married, having kids and getting a job.

Personally, out of the two, I would say that I like the Game of Life better because you get a job and other things, but my family likes Monopoly better.

A Day in the Summer Life

(Photo not mine)

This post was kinda inspired by the blog post on Sunflower Seeds. Go check out her blog it’s Awesome!

Hi. So this is just random πŸ…ΏπŸ…ΎπŸ†‚πŸ†ƒ. I am starting My Very Own Yβ‚’α΅€β‚œα΅€bβ‚‘ Cₕₐₙₙₑₗ.

Here it is, wouldn’t it be great if you stopped by and Subscribed?

I dont know if that link works.


Umm, let me see… Oh yeah, My fursuit still didnt sell. On Ebay.

here he is, that’s my boy.

Some of my friend Foxolotl’s art. She has a Great Blog too, go check her out.

Chrome, my mochi raptor

Thats all folks!

No. Its not!

I have created my own spiecies and asked ya’ll to give me some name suggestions. Well, the time has come! I have picked a name!

*the crowd cheers*

Drumroll Please!

Galamus, By sarah from Starlight Reader! (hope I got the name)

Thats all folks!

(for real)

Describe Yourself

Lesson 8 English

I am very tall for my age. Compared to most girls back at my old school, I was really tall. I have dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. Well, at least some of the time. They look green at times. So I just call them hazel. I wear a retainer at night, it is an Invisiline.

My hobbies are drawing, watercolor-painting, writing, reading and photography. I love ferrets, puppies, fursuits and manokits. Ferrets are my favorite animal and I plan to get one when I have the money. I love playing Basket Ball and tennis.

I live in TX, and have gone to many other states including Chicago, California, and Washington State. All of my family lives in California, so I like to go there. Unfortunately, Corona virus has prevented that.

My dad is a nurse. He works night shifts on the Corona floor. My dream job is a baker or an artist. I would like to start a bakery now, but I don’t know how. Well, I know how, just I don’t have the time. My favorite TV show is either Stranger Things or We Bare Bears. I like horror movies and comedy movies. I am the oldest out of 5 siblings and it has its upsides and downsides. Mostly upsides. I only have one sister, which is fine with me, because she is just 2 years younger than me.

What My House is Like

Lesson 7 English ( the picture above is not my house )

My house is big. It has 5 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms. The backyard is almost an acre big. We would like to get a pool, but are still debating on it. We have a sauna that my parents use.

My house has 2 stories. My room is upstairs. It is painted blue and is pretty big. I have a queen-sized bed, courtesy of my parents. The other 2 rooms upstairs are my sister’s room and my little brother’s room. My sister’s room is a little bigger than mine. She also has a queen sized bed, and my little brother sleeps in her room. My older brother, not as old as me, has his room downstairs. My parents also have their room downstairs. We have 1 bathroom upstairs and 2 bathrooms downstairs. One is in my parent’s room.

We also have double ovens, that is useful for when I’m cooking. In the living room, we have a big 65″ screen tv. I used to bunk with my sister, but I moved back into my old room.

Describe My Best Friend and What we Do Together

Lesson 6 English 8th Grade

My best friend is my sister. She has slightly darker brown hair and a lot of people say we look like twins. She has a personality that is different I would say, she doesn’t like to talk a lot or be touched. But it gets funny when I say something that is embarrassing( about myself) and then we just start laughing.

What we do together is mostly fool around, but we also have this thing called the Story. We take our favorite TV shows and basically tell stories about the characters in them.

Another thing I like to do with her is go to the park. We have a couple parks by my house and my mom takes us to them quite often. I love to walk with my sister and talk with her. Yesterday I got hurt when we at the playground. I fell off the rock wall. My shin got scratched and it still hurts today. But Sophie was there and she made me feel better. We also like to go around our block. I ride on the scooter and Sophie rides on her roller blades. I know it might be a little weird to say my sister is my best friend, but she is for me.

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