What is my Favorite Hobby?

Lesson 2 English

My favorite hobby is drawing. Drawing is fun for me because I can draw whatever I want. Even if it doesn’t look like the original thing you were trying to draw, you can always try again, knowing it will be better the next time. I love expressing my feelings when I draw, and I’m a whole new person when I do. I love making new characters and customizing them.

There are certain types of drawing supplies you can get, but all you really need is an imagination, a pencil, and maybe some markers. You don’t even need to have markers! All you need is a pencil!

The thing I love most about drawing is how I get to draw whatever I want. I can draw so many characters. I can draw a half dragon, half fox creature, or a half bird, half elephant if I want. Even if its the weirdest creature anyone’s ever seen, I can draw it.

You don”t have to be good to make something you like. All you have to do is practice and you will get better! I have been drawing since 5th grade. That’s 3 years! Even still, in 8th grade, I can’t draw as good as I want. But I have had a lot of practice.

Corgi Dogs

This essay is not for a lesson, just because I love to write.

Corgi dogs are my favorite dog breed. Or they are up on that list of my favorites. Corgis come in two different types. My favorite is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, but there is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi as well. These two dogs are similar, but have their differences too.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi does not have a tail, whereas the Cardigan does. That is the easiest way to tell them apart. Also, the Pembroke has pointy ears, whereas the Cardigan has generally round ears.

The breeds also have a small different color scheme. The picture above shows that. On the top, we have a Cardigan. As you can see, the Cardigan has a tail and different color. On the bottom, we have a Pembroke. This breed has a more orange color and no tail.

Another difference is the size. Pembroke corgis are slightly smaller and smaller boned than the Cardigan. The Cardigan is slightly larger than the Pembroke and bigger boned.

Corgis are in the herding Group. They are small dogs, but are excellent herders.

One more difference is the personality. The Pembroke is more friendly, even around strangers. The Cardigan on the other hand is friendly, but reserved around strangers.

Tell me in the comments, Do you have a corgi? Would you like to have one?

How can I control small expenses?

lesson 1 personal finance

Small expenses are hard to ignore. You might really want that candy bar or that pack of gum. You might think, “It’s only $2.99”, but speaking truthfully, if you spend all of your money on small things like candy and toys that are going to be gone within a couple weeks, is it the best idea to spend your money on these small items?

Here are a couple ways to control small expenses.

You can budget your money. If you have ever had a financial plan, you will know that it is quite useful. You will be a lot more organized, and you wont regret it. Budgeting money is a good way to stop small spending because it gives you a secure, strong, plan.

Another way you can control small expenses is willpower. If you tell yourself that you aren’t going to spend any money, it might work. But often, it doesn’t work. People get easily distracted and spend their money uncontrollably, even though they said they wouldn’t spend any money.

If you are going to spend on something, make sure that its something worth it. Lets say, a coffee machine or something else that is important in your household.

My Summer Vacation

This is lesson 1 of English.

I had a nice summer vacation. I didn’t do anything really important,because of the covid-19 pandemic, but I will tell you what I did.

My family lives near a country club and we are members, so I went to the pool. The pool opens from May to October. My family stays up late watching a show called Stranger Things. We are on season 2 right now. I heard that the seasons get worse as they go along, but it is a cool and interesting show. On my summer vacation, we mostly stay up late and watch movies, but sometimes we go out to dinner and go to my favorite restaurant, which is Panda Express. I also got my fur-suit from my neighbor, which I have been saving up for quite some while. It was 200 dollars for the head, 50 dollars for the paws and tail. I know that sounds expensive,but a lot of work goes into those type of things, so it was worth it in the end. We were going to go see my family in San Diego CA, but with all of this pandemic going on, we are reconsidering it. We want to go to Red Fish lake which is in Idaho, or Lake Powell in Arizona. They are really fun tourist places,and we still want to go.

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